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Get Started on JobProgress

Job Progress: Built for Contractors by Contractors

Job Progress is a SAAS(Software As A Service) application which gives immense benefits to organizations to enhance their chances of success in business. The cloud based software helps connecting your organization, be it employee to employee or company to customer, or Workers to Jobs, salesmen to prospects. This coordination and connectivity aids in running the business more effectively.

This documentation will help you explore all of Job Progress's functionality and configuration.

How do I setup my account as an admin?

Admin user role refers to the subscriber who buys one of the three plans of Job Progress (i.e., Basic, Plus, Pro) during setting up the account.
Setting up your account as admin on Job Progress is easy, just follow the steps below:

  • Go to http://www.jobprogress.com/, click on Sign Up.
  • A screen will be displayed as shown below:

  • login

  • Click on Sign up, you will see the Subscriber Sign Up screen.


  • The first page you'll see will be Company Details page. Fill in your Company Details i.e., your Company Name, Account Manager MID (in case you've been referred to JP by one of their Account managers, fill in his/her MID) Phone, Email, Fax and select the trades your company operates in.
  • Enter your Office Address and select the country and states your company operates in.
  • Hit Next to go to 'Sign Up Details' page.


  • The charges will be displayed as per the Subscription type you've chosen.
  • Enter your details i.e., your Name, Email and Password.
  • In case your address differs from the Company address, deselect the checkbox 'Use Company Address' and enter your address by selecting country, state and entering city and zip.
  • Hit Next to go to 'Billing Details' page. In case you wish to go back to the previous screen, click on Back.


  • Your Subscription Detail will be displayed on this page which includes One Time Fee + Monthly Subscription.
  • Click on Apply Coupon(s) and enter your coupon code in case you have been offered coupons by Job Progress. Your One Time Fee or/and Monthly subscription charges will be reduced depending on the coupons you've received.
  • The coupons are of three different categories, 2 week, 1 month and 2 month. If you've received, say for instance, 1 month coupon, it implies you'll have discounts applicable on monthly subscription for the first month and from second month, regular monthly charges will apply.
  • Enter your Billing email address and fill in your credit card details (Name, Credit Card Number, Expiration, CVV)
  • In case your address differs from the Company address, deselect the checkbox 'Use Company address as Billing address' and enter your new billing address.
  • Select the checkbox indicating you've agreed to the Master Subscription Agreement
  • Hit Next to go to 'Confirmation' page.


  • This page will display Company Details, Admin Details, Billing Details and Subscription Details referring to all the details you've filled in.
  • Select the checkbox confirming you've agreed to Job Progress Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  • Hit Next to go to 'Complete' page.


  • You'll get a 'Thank you for signing up' page. This confirms your account being setup on Job Progress.
  • Hit Click here to login to login to your newly created account.