January 27, 2016

Best Contractor Apps

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Why You Should Choose JOBPROGRESS Over Other Contractor Apps?

JOBPROGRESS contractor apps are not the only contractor apps on the market,
JOBPROGRESS contractor apps are the best contractor apps on the market! There are many contractor apps available out there that claim to help you with managing your workflow.
JOBPROGRESS contractor apps succeed where other apps fail or fall short. In this article, we’ll tell you about a few of the other contractor apps that are out there, we think you will quickly see why JOBPROGRESS should be your only choice for contractor apps.

Other Contractor Apps and Their Main Features

Fantastical is a calendar replacement contractor app. It works on iPhones and iPads. Fantastical will pull in your existing reminders and calendar events.

Wunderlist is a task and todo contractor app. You can create todolists and share them with other members of your team. They can also view and add items to the list and leave notes on existing items to attempt to coordinate workflow. Whenever someone interacts with a list item, you will receive notification in the form real time updates.

Hours is a time tracking contractor app which attempts to keep track of what you are spending your time on. This is one of the only contractor apps that when you start a task or job, you start the timer. When you’re done, this contractor app automatically blocks off that amount of time. You can go back later and add hourly rates, a title and any notes you need to make. This contractor app tries to help you improve time management.

Joist is an estimate and invoicing contractor app. With this contractor app, you can customize the invoices and estimates with your company logo. You can also add photos to estimates and bids so clients can see what you are telling them. When done with a project, this contractor app can send final invoices and keep track of who has paid and who has not.

What Do These Contractor Apps Have in Common?

The main thing these contractor apps have in common is that they perform very narrow functions of the overall construction process. They don’t handle all of the processes you need. They do what they do but what they do is not enough. JOBPROGRESS is a multi function contractor app that works as hard as you do. Don’t get bogged down with multiple contractor apps from multiple companies, with different interfaces and huge learning curves. JOBPROGRESS contractor apps are designed by contractors for contractors. We know what you need because we are contractors just like you. Our Home Improvement Business Management Cloud App is perfect for all types of contractors including roofers, plumbers, siders, landscapers, plumbers, electricians and any other tradesmen that perform residential home improvements and want to grow their businesses and create a valuable relationship with the communities they serve.

Why Are JOBPROGRESS Contractor Apps Better?

JOBPROGRESS can be downloaded to your phone. You can use JOBPROGRESS in your office, in your truck – even from your boat! Whether you are on the jobsite, in the office or on vacation remotely managing your business – JOBPROGRESS will never let you and your team drop the ball. Then you can upload information to the cloud where your team can access it from just about anywhere and with nearly every mobile device and even a desktop. It has a fully customized job & workflow manager, customer relationship manager, online sales & marketing functionality, quick estimating, quoting and scheduling, an employee and subcontractor manager and more. JOBPROGRESS is perfect for the one-man-band or a fully developed professional home remodeling business.

JOBPROGRESS does more because every single page has purpose. Our goal is to give you the easiest, most intuitive tool to bring your team together with purpose and with just the right amount of information needed to please your customers and increase your profits. JOBPROGRESS contractor apps provide you with seamless teamwork via information and knowledge sharing. They will allow you and your team to be more productive, more focused, and more profitable. Call us today to find out how JOBPROGRESS contractor apps can help you run your business better. (For more information call us TOLL FREE at (844) 562-7764, visit us online at www.jobprogress.com or Demo the smartphone App for FREE by downloading it NOW!

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