Attention Contractors: What is Your Business Really Worth?

Starting and building your own business is not for the weak of heart. Being your own boss sounds like the dream, but what many don’t realize is that it comes with a tremendous amount of hard work, difficult decisions, and sleepless nights. The chances of success are slim, and the temptation to hold on to... Read more
Jp's Tough Takes - Episode 4

Roofers: Don’t Be Afraid of Solar! The tiptoe guide to getting into solar

How would you like an easy way to make more money, bring more value to your customers, and create lasting relationships with partners who can refer more work to you? Talk about a win-win-win, right? Stick with me here. I’m not suggesting that you suddenly add installing solar panels to your game. Unless you want... Read more
Jp's Tough Takes - Episode 3

Digital Marketing is Not a F*cking Spectator Sport

The benefits of digital marketing have been lauded for years, and a quick Google search will pull up literally thousands of articles with tips on how to do it well, ideas on how to rig the system and even stories of how companies have grown exponentially due to their efforts. Some of these are true,... Read more

Follow this 7 POINT GUIDE to choose the BEST Contractor CRM for YOUR Business and make the most in 2022!

Do you wish you could burn every spreadsheet you have to deal with on a daily basis? Wish you had better insight into what your costs and margins really are on each job? Are you and your staff still using paper data sheets to track sales, contacts, orders etc? How about better insight into what... Read more