JP’s Tough Takes: The “No BS” Blog for Home Services Industry

Who the Hell Is Going to Do All This Work? We’ve all heard the term, “The Great Resignation,” enough times now that we are getting downright sick of it. As much as we’d like to ignore it, the fact that many construction companies have more work (or potential work) than they can find people to... Read more

Handyman.Guide – JobProgress Review

The JobProgress business management app is straightforward to manage, and it includes many different options for a better user experience. It is the safest and most secure cloud-based business platform for contractors. It widely accessible on Android, iPhone/iPad, and the web, so you should have no problems installing the app and getting started. The platform... Read more

5 Benefits of Joining the Concrete Industry

The industry for cement and concrete has many opportunities for work for people who are new to the field. Major construction projects and renovations almost always need concrete to go smoothly and on-schedule. That’s why there’s no shortage of work needed from contractors and laborers with industry skills in concrete. There’s a high demand for... Read more

9 Things a Customer looks for in a Home Improvement Contractor

Working as a home improvement contractor can sometimes make us wonder – how the customers see us, and what matters the most to them? Being in the home improvement industry, the most important thing that home contractors should consider would be finishing the renovation job that they promised their customers and making it satisfying at... Read more