Built for Team Work

Tools for Information Sharing

Leap provides contractors the most valuable and easiest to use methods to communicate and share information – period. Whether you are sharing job related information with your team, subs, customers, vendors, management, etc. – our App gives you the easy to use app to do it. We really have thought through the process – we spoke to dozens of successful companies and hundreds of users. We incorporated all useful suggestions and came up with the best information sharing platform on the market.

Collaboration at Our Core

There is no better way to stay successful than to have everyone involved contributing to the best of their abilities to one common goal. Contractors commonly suffer when their team becomes distracted by self defeating thoughts which cause teamwork to suffer. Leap provides a structured approach that you are familiar with and can be repeated with every opportunity that comes through your door.

Unite your Team with Purpose

We each have our own skills to contribute, unfortunately, it is a often the case that employees and even managers forget that they are working for a common purpose. The amazing effects of Leap are that it unites your team with common purpose and the results are AWESOME!

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Built for Ease of Use

YOUR BUSINESS: Up and Running with Leap on Day 1

Beginning with Leap is as easy as entering in a lead/prospects name and phone #. Downloading the app to your cellphone and tablets and going out to do a first estimate using the APP. You will never want to go back to any other way to approach business again.

Practical, Easy to Use in the Office and out in the Field

There is no better means to unite what goes on in your office with the activity that happens out in the field. Leap is as equally powerful for a ONE MAN BAND as it is for a MULTI DIVISION Home Improvement Business GIANT COMPANY. The approach is so user friendly and meaningful that ALL your workers will use it to interact as they begin to prosper and become more productive.

Easiest to Learn, Most Flexible All-in-One Solution on the Market

If you want to begin using Software but you are not interested in using someone else’s idea on how you should organize and run your business – Leap is for you! We are the ONLY Contractor Business Management Software Platform on the market that is completely flexible and customizable to appeal to you and YOUR TRADE, YOUR BUSINESS & YOUR UNIQUE APPROACH. That uniqueness is what makes you stand out among your peers … we don’t try to FIT YOU INTO OUR MODEL. You use your workflow, your contracts, your ways … and you place that on top of a common foundation, a solid foundation to build and prosper any business – Leap.

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Built for Business Results

Increase Profit and Productivity

When it comes to business – we all want the same thing! Do a good job and earn a great living! Try using Leap for a few months – you will be amazed how smoothly your goals can become reality. Instead of falling into traps or re-living the same year over and over again; Leap has been designed to help you move beyond the boom-bust-boom cycles and build a steady, business that can operate with less effort. Use it and you will see the results!

Win more business

There is nothing better than going to a home owner prospect PREPARED with complete knowledge of all that is needed to break down bottlenecks and barriers that often cause you to lose jobs to your competitors. We spend A LOT of time and money estimating, selling and working with customers BEFORE you make your first penny … using Leap as the basis for giving you all the tools and information needed to impress and gain that customers trust is COMPLETELY valuable.

Save Time

Who wants to waste time? Time is money! Plug into Leap out at the jobsite, on the road, on the phone, while doing prep work … at anytime and you will see that you will have saved hours and hours of wasted time per week because you and your team are in sync with the right information, right tools and right approach. Whether you are a one man band or a huge team … you will see that Leap gives you the support you need to SAVE TIME consistently, FOREVER! Unlike our competitors, we make sure each screen SERVES A PURPOSE and is useful. Too many software packages actually make you WASTE TIME serving the software instead of using it like a tool. Leap is clearly the best TIME SAVING tool on the market for ALL CONTRACTORS.

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Built for Success

Do a better job on EVERY JOB with less stress

There is nothing more dangerous to the success of a business than doing a great job one day and then dropping the ball the next. This confuses the marketplace and your reputation suffers because of it. Leap provides the framework that is to be used on EVERY JOB so that there is no way to deviate from what works. This is the MOST POWERFUL effect of using Leap. You will be amazed that you actually will be working less and accomplishing much more.

Focus on quality and relationships

During the good times, strong business men often take time to improve their businesses and relationships with customers, subs, vendors etc. Leap allows you to automate your business so much so that you will soon find yourself reinforcing that process with a renewed effort to strengthen your relationships. These added benefits are SO VALUABLE and are hard to quantify. PRICELESS RESULTS!

Manage & Empower YOUR BUSINESS

We have several of our existing subscriber contractors that have started their business and decided to use Leap from the very first day of operations. This is really exciting for us and for the owners that have placed their trust and put Leap at the heart of all they are working for. The results have been AMAZING! One of our newest companies has gone from ZERO to Hundreds of thousands in business in the first three months. We have several business owners that have said that the wished Leap had been around when they started their business. It is easy for you to take the steps and subscribe to work towards that same success.

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Built for All Trades

All-in-one Business Management Software everyone Can Rely On

Having all the business management and success tools you need in one place is the only way to go! You can try to convince yourself that it is easier or cheaper to stick with what you have, but you are in fact convincing yourself of something that is hurting your business and life. Dig deep and get the courage and power to choose to look into Leap and use it in your business. See that you will have an ALL IN ONE tool to build upon and that YOU CAN RELY UPON – now and FOREVER.

Easy, Customizable Routine good for ALL Contractors

We really did our research when it came to building our software platform. We began by building what we knew was A COMMON business foundation that applies to ALL CONTRATORS. Then we add functionality and tools specific to each popular Contractor Trade Types. On top of that, we then curated Trade specific information, news, offers , training, etc. and feed directly to our subscribers by trade type. Then we made sure our core was accessible to other programmers so that in the future they can build unique apps to compliment the Leap core and further satisfy the needs of ALL CONTRACTORS by trade type. Leap is working for you – for ALL CONTRATORS, so that you have someone in your corner as you work every day to feed your families and serve your communities.

Leap, uniquely tailored to any Size or Trade Type

Success shouldn’t be only applicable to the big guys. Why should you be forced to SCALE UP in order to be successful? Leap has been created to be as equally useable and powerful for the single trade expert to the large, organized Companies … EVERY SIZE contracting business will benefit!

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