Considering Software?

Not satisfied with your current software – Transition to JOBPROGRESS worry free!

We often tell our subscribers that using some form of software is probably better than using none at all. The idea of having a productivity and success platform between you and your business is SMART. We often find it very easy to convince users of other software to switch to JOBPROGRESS. It really is easy to do – especially after you take fifteen minutes to see what we offer. We are proud that we have created a tool that is quickly becoming the planet’s go-to choice for Business Management and Business Success/Productivity Software.

Stuck with the Wrong App or paying too MUCH?

The bad news is that most business owners have been using some software that was created 8-10 years ago and has not been engineered to grow with you and your business. We hear stories all the time that our contractor prospects have PAID so much money that they are actually in fear that they don’t want to lose out on the investment, so they sometimes stick with a losing software package only because they were duped to pay so much for it. Also, some companies PURPOSELY make it HARD to leave by making it nearly impossible to leave without a hassle. Just give us a CALL… we will ADVOCATE on your behalf with NO STRINGS ATTACHED. Even if you choose another vendor, we are glad to help you move AWAY from Software Providers that take advantage and don’t provide you with RESULTS driven solutions.

Still relying on free solutions?

NO FREE LUNCH! Don’t fool yourself into believing that you can grab this and that free app and use this collection of free things to build your Empire upon. It is just bad from the start. Yes, there are some very useful FREE apps that can SUPPLEMENT your domination and control of your business. However, without something like JOBPROGRESS at the center of that activity … you are just playing with what could be a more permanent and useful solution. Having JOBPROGRESS at the core of your business actually, FINALLY gives you some hope that maybe someday your business has VALUE and can OPERATE WITHOUT YOU! Think about that! Think about how many contracting companies end their businesses with little to no value. DON’T let that happen to you.

Ready to move beyond memory and pen & paper

Finally, for all of the contractors that believe that they are not doing ENOUGH business to justify the $100 bucks a month or so. The very same contractors that may believe they ARE TOO OLD to use their cellphone or a computer to help them run their business … GIVE US A CALL. We will help you gain the confidence and teach you that it is NOT AS hard as you think. You can use JOBPROGRESS, it is just another tool! Don’t fear change so much so that you are stuck in a never ending cycle of underperforming. Plugging into JOBPROGRESS will give you the confidence and courage you need to make more money and earn happier customers.

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