February 09, 2021

Handyman.Guide – JobProgress Review

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The JobProgress business management app is straightforward to manage, and it includes many different options for a better user experience. It is the safest and most secure cloud-based business platform for contractors. It widely accessible on Android, iPhone/iPad, and the web, so you should have no problems installing the app and getting started.

The platform equips roofers with a user-friendly tool that produces incomparable results by giving you the power to control, organize, and manage your business for any situation you may encounter. It is referred to as simple yet powerful at promoting teamwork and efficiency while reducing busywork, and it's hard to disagree with such a sentiment.

If you ever feel like to do not understand something, there are various training options such as in person, webinars, live online sessions, and documentation. You need only select your method of learning and prepare to be educated. The training sessions are very informative, and the interaction with a real person is welcome and well-done.

The app has been featured in Top 20 HVAC Software (2020) and Top 20 Field Service Management Software (2020) listings, which gives you an idea of the kind of success it has achieved. It is best known for residential/commercial services that contractors and tradespeople use.

Features of JobProgress


This feature covers aerial measurement, billing and invoicing, CRM, checklists, inspections, dispatch management, photo capture, quotes/estimates, scheduling, and work order management. This is to ensure you never have to worry about making calculations yourself and potentially making errors. The system uses primary inputs to generate a lot of the information you need to get through transactions. Additionally, it keeps an excellent record, which can be very beneficial in the future.

Construction CRM

The activated features here are client tracking, contract management, project management, quotes/proposals, sales pipeline management, and scheduling. All your administrative duties fall here and are made easy where customers are concerned. Managing customer relationships is a crucial ingredient in any successful venture. You don't have the time or capacity to track down bits of information related to the same customer. The construction CRM feature keeps everything in a single location, which gives you the freedom to focus on the other functional areas of your business.

Construction Estimating

This includes the accounting integration, customizable templates, electrical estimating, HVAC estimating, Historical database, plumbing estimating, project management, reporting /analytics, subcontractor management, takeoff, and what-it analysis. Conducting feasibility studies is a big part of determining how viable a project is. The analytical tools here make that a breeze.

Construction Management

These features entail contract management, mobile access, estimating, contractors, subcontractor management, budget tracking/job costing, and order changes. Being able to manage all this at a high level enables a smoother process flow in the field.

Contractor Management

The components here include budgeting, compliance management, job management, safety management, qualification tracking, and time tracking. You have a comprehensive view of each contractor, which allows you to manage load efficiency and some of the employee's human aspects.

Remodeling Estimating

Bid management, customer management, and quote management are the options under remodeling estimating, and this is where all the proposals and monitored, quotes are generated, and customer details and maintained. The best part is that you can always return to your estimate to make comparisons and informed decisions.

Benefits of JobProgress

The features of JobProgress are beneficial as they are so comprehensive and well-designed. However, the information below consists of several benefits that come about because of the feature set and design of the application.

Seamless Teamwork

JobProgress ensures more successful outcomes and helps your team consistently deliver greater customer satisfaction by ensuring that information is always available.

Easy to use Mobile App

It offers mobility as it allows contractors to have smart devices to help them perform many functions needed to operate the business smoothly in the field. No more having to wait until they return to the office to make simple entries.

The Potential to Earn More

The complexity and effort it usually takes to operate a home improvement business have now been reduced. Additionally, you can focus more on functional areas and new opportunities, which improves your earning potential.

Amazed Customers

This is always the goal. The app increases the satisfaction metric, as customers can witness the approach and execution of jobs. Many of the gaps are reduced, and the workflow improves.

JobProgress is easy to use, yields a good value for money, has a reliable customer support team to address problems, and it's all wrapped up in great functionality. It has been compared to other popular software such as Buildertrend, STACK, Marketing 360, QuickBooks Online Advanced, and Jobber, and it does well in every comparison.

Process/Feature Quotations

With the customizable templates available that include branding, JobProgress allows you to draft up quick quotations with discounts, required deposits, and terms and conditions, which allow for quick sending to clients. The ability to just sign, view, edit and accept a proposal with a click of a button is highly convenient.

Schedule work

The JobProgress software system makes it easy to choose a job and assign it to the team members.

Track Progress

The option of capturing picture or video documentation showing each project's progress is available and allows for a systematic tracking process.

Review Your Employees

The tracking system makes it possible to measure your employees' performance by assessing their work and progress throughout the day, week, and month. The reports are easily accessible, and you can even see how salesperson on the team are performing. This helps in planning, setting new targets, and addressing areas in which a sale boost is needed.

Work Smart

The app provides you with all the tools needed to run a successful contracting business at your fingertips while increasing your scope, productivity, and income. There are smart solutions for over 60+ trade types, such as painting, plumbing, electrical contracting, and roofers.

Pricing Overview

The price for JobProgress starts at $25 monthly per user. A free demo is also included, and it provides a detailed breakdown of all the features, such as professional proposals and contracts.

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