March 05, 2022

Roofers: Don’t Be Afraid of Solar! The tiptoe guide to getting into solar

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How would you like an easy way to make more money, bring more value to your customers, and create lasting relationships with partners who can refer more work to you? Talk about a win-win-win, right?

Stick with me here. I'm not suggesting that you suddenly add installing solar panels to your game. Unless you want to, that is. We understand there is a lot that goes into this work, not to mention the insurance requirements and vast knowledge needed for the electrical side of the work. But that doesn't mean that you can't benefit from this rapidly growing - and high demand - business in a variety of ways.

At JobProgress, we are always looking for ways to expand what we offer to our users, make your lives easier, and help you grow your business. We have partnered with EagleView to offer incredibly thorough and easy-to-understand reports that you can share with your roofing clients to see if adding solar to their new roof would be valuable to them. Here's how it works:

  1. Open JobProgress and then open the job you are quoting.
  2. Hit +, then measurements, then EagleView.
  3. The tool we are building is simple and easy to use, but the data generated from the Eagleview report still takes several hours, on average, to complete and deliver to JP when the order is initiated. We don't want to set the expectation that within 5 minutes from ordering an EV measurement, we can deliver it. Once the measurement has been delivered to JP, then the time to use the tool is quick.

If the homeowner is interested in what they see and wants a quote, simply send the report and their information to your friendly local solar provider who can take it from there.

I had a great conversation recently with Peter Cleveland, VP of Solar Business with EagleView and wanted to share some of his insight with you.

  • The solar market is growing 10-20% a year, bolstered by our political and economic climate as well as high customer demand.
  • By creating an easy way for roofing and solar companies to work together, we are not only better able to meet demand, but we are creating opportunities for both companies to grow.
  • No matter how badly a homeowner wants solar, it won't work if they don't have the right sun exposure. Our system accurately and precisely shows the solar potential of a roof (down to six inches), we do not currently include the ROI in the tool. This is powerful information for the homeowner to have so they are not sold a bill of goods by an unscrupulous solar company. And they will remember that you were the hero that shared this information with them, creating lasting loyalty.
  • In addition to reduced electricity costs, there is a 26% federal tax credit for solar right now, and depending on where you live, quite a few states have rebate programs too.
  • 75% of roofs in the US are made with asphalt shingles and their average life is 15-20 years; the average life expectancy of a solar system is 25-30 years. In many cases, it makes sense to look at the two at the same time to make the smartest financial decision that will cause the least amount of disruption and generate the highest return on what the homeowner spends.

Are you sold on this idea yet? Here's what we recommend you do to turn this free tool into a profitable opportunity.

  • Find solar installers in your area and set up meetings. Get to know them and create a relationship with those that you trust. Then simply set an agreed upon fee for referring interested parties to each other. You can help identify potential solar customers, and they will recognize when a homeowner interested in solar needs a new roof. This can be a great way to dip your toe into a rapidly growing market.
  • Want to go a bit deeper? Get to know your partner companies' pricing model and sell the work for them along with your roofing services. By taking this task off their plates, you can often make a commission on their fees. Once your work is complete, they can come in and add solar panels to the brand-new roof you installed.
  • Are you the type of person who wants to dive in headfirst? Add solar to your current roofing services, hire people with expertise in this area, and do the installs yourself.

What do you have to lose? With increasing demand and available financial incentives, it simply makes sense to consider this expansion to what you currently do. And as the solar industry develops lower profile and higher performance panels, more and more people will want to add this money-saving feature to their homes.

With the EagleView reports just a few taps away in JobProgress, you already have the tools you need at your fingertips. Now get out there and make some friends in the solar industry!