November 30, 2015
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Beating the Odds: How to Avoid Home Improvement Contractor Business Failure

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When you think about the technology that is available out there today as well as the amount of time and energy that goes into building a successful home improvement business, you know there is a natural ability for the two to work together. There truly is significant common ground for the amount of people doing different things all at once.

That's exactly why a merger of ideas can take place when you combine the technology and real time ability of current applications with the need of organization and accountability in the home improvements field. Introducing Job Progress; built for contractors by contractors. Multiple Levels of Software The best thing about Job Progress is that it understands the needs to contractors can vary depending upon the size of the operation. Regardless of whether you a roofing, siding, solar installer, electrician, mason, plumber, general contractor, carpenter, landscaper, paving, tree expert, pool service, fence contractor, handyman, HVAC or any other home improvement trade. As individuals grow in size they may need more tools, documents, and built in services to allow them to do more and continue to grow more efficiently as an organization. That's exactly why Job Progress offers the three levels of software; JobProgress Basic, JobProgress Plus and JobProgress Professional.

At any time you could wind up needing even more service from JobProgress, and that's exactly why they put so much time and effort into getting you the most cutting edge technology all at the tips of your fingers. Quick Tools for Estimating The last thing that any contractor wants to have to do is head back to the office to put together an estimate. The time you end up wasting is literally dollars out of your pocket. If you could simply find a way to do simple estimates, calculations and other basic costing measures then you not only have the info right when you need it, but you can also beat the competition out by being so much quicker as well. Managing Other Work While on the Job The key for any good project manager and site manager is to be able to know what is going on with multiple jobs. However, the problem of being in multiple places at once is one that hasn't been solved yet.

Thankfully, the new Job Progress application allows any foreman to simply check into the app to see up to date tasks, duties and other statuses of other job sites. By using technology to know exactly where the other crews are with their progress and how the other sites are coming along, you can literally have all of the ability you need to stay on your workers without even needing to fight traffic, waste hours behind the wheel physically visiting a site, or even making a phone call. Even if you are a One man Band … JobProgress helps make you look like an established Company ready to take on and satisfy ANY new customer.

Keeping Your Customers in the Loop with Job Progress construction software you also can keep your customers in the loop as well. By having the ability to send them constant status emails they will never have to worry about if you are making progress or not. At the end of the day there truly is a significant amount of benefit just in keeping your team leader, field workers, office workers, project manager, customers, subcontractors and other interested parties all on the same page.

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