Custom Builder

Everyone dreams of creating their dream house; designing their home with all the bells and whistles hey have dreamed of. Custom builders help make those dreams come to fruition! Custom home builders work with clients to create the perfect home for their needs. Everything from the backsplash in the kitchen to the shingles on the roof is chosen to match the desires of each individual client. With JobProgress custom home builders are able to easily manage their workflow to ensure each section of the home is completed. Ordering materials for your job has never been easier with SRS order integration! With direct integration, live pricing and direct ordering, you can be assured that your job will go off without a hitch!

Key Features

  • Create and manage a custom workflow that revolves around your specific needs!
  • Easily create material order forms to send to your suppliers!
  • Create material templates (macros) for commonly ordered items to reduce the time it takes to order your materials!
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