Roofing involves incorporating the vision of the client, evaluating the damage and repairs needed, and ensuring the protection of client property, along with crew safety. Roofing is always a team effort and that’s why quick communication and organization is key. Completing a project economically takes proper job coordination and planning. JobProgress provides the solution to staying connected and on task with our business management app. Create consistent workflows to coordinate crew members to get the appropriate task done, schedule individual project related task within our calendar and task manager, keep track of client resources and watch your profits soar!

Key Features

  • Assign sales representatives to draw up estimates and proposals at the tap of a button
  • Manage the field and crew with our easy to use email integration
  • Outline your workflow to customize specific job requirements with our jobs stage pipeline
  • Go Green by getting rid of the need for messy paperwork and organize your business
  • Follow up and invoice clients accurately with discretion for mistakes
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