Solar energy specialists can complete analysis of homes over the phone. They take a look at the roof, the Kw usage and your billing history then tell you how much you can save. Specialists will come to your home to show you your solar options. It is their job to educate you, answer all of your questions so there will no guesswork, just the facts. In the office team will then design a system for your home that best meets your specific energy needs and then handle all the paperwork before, during and after installation including any rebate incentive processing. Certified installation partners have extensive experience and build residential home solar systems to the highest standards using only top quality solar panels, equipment and hardware. Professional teams handle your project from beginning to end including all required interaction with local permit offices, as well as township and utility inspections.

Key Features

  • Document accurate and detailed analysis information for your customer prospects in an intuitive and easy to manage format
  • Handle multiple installation opportunities and remote workers and sub contractors within one easy to understand mobile app
  • Communicate with customers, employees, subs from any device at any time
  • Assign tasks and move opportunities and jobs through workflow effortlessly track accountability for you whole team
  • Improve customer satisfaction through clear communications and trustworthy follow-ups in a completely paperless environment
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