Locksmiths keep our lives secure. Installing and servicing mechanical and electronic lock systems require expert craftsmanship, the right tools and equipment plus a dedicated team to get the job done. Take your business to new heights with Jobprogress. Our software is the key to your business management needs, we provide safe and secure customer management, assign reps to customers, plan task, and schedule project all at the hands of your favorite mobile device. JobProgress is the key to your success in the Locksmith industry.

Key Features

  • Decrease mistakes and elevate customer retention rates
  • Each project follows a customizable format that lets you control how you process your customers
  • Organize and simplify the work, so that field hours are spent working more diligently
  • Project future sales with a report of your earnings
  • Finish jobs at lighting speed
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Home Remodeling & Improvements

Home improvement consists of so many types of jobs related to comfort, maintenance and repair, additional space, saving energy, safety and preparedness.. which though looks minor but they are not really minor. Everything that you redo adds to the decor and livability of a home. It requires a great effort and the contractors have to work hard in order to satisfy their clients and cope up with the competition so at Jobprogress we transform your business by keeping you connected to the heart of the trade.Jobprogress has a completely user friendly interface for project management software that is suitable for small, medium size to huge residential renovating contractors to maintain a cost database and make progress exponential and cumulative.Significantly increases your profits by delivering jobs on time and getting new jobs.
Key features:

Key Features

  • Manage customers – view, organize all your customer contact information from any device also track notes you make when you interact with them.
  • Manage projects – Completely adaptable Workflow organised by stages and steps.
  • Create estimates – create estimates paperlessly, which helps calculate material and labour cost and produce detailed renovating proposals.
  • Build and reuse templates – comes with library of templates and allows you to create custom template
  • Generate proposals -permits clients to make proposal that inspire your customers with expert level of subtle element
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General Contracting

General contractors manage various aspects of construction jobs ranging from renovations, remodelings, overall construction sites and coordinating with workers in the field. This can be a hard task to handle especially if you are juggling several projects at once. Paperwork alone won’t cut it, and will leave your team disorganized and distracted trying to keep up with missing documents and scheduling clients. JobProgress is the solution to all your business management needs. We offer the service contractor world a mobile app that provides the seamless integration of your project needs with fully customizable job stage sections that let you create proposals, estimates and invoices all at your convenience on the field or at the office. Working remotely unites your team like never before, we help you get the job done!

Key Features

  • Set reminders through scheduling appointments and assigning task to specific jobs and clientele
  • Job stage pipeline color coordinates with jobs to help keep track of processing clients
  • Eliminate cost and increase gross revenue
  • Micro manage each job to get more done in a shorter period of time
  • Remote access to important project resources and job process info
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Gathering site location information is crucial to the develop of a fencing project. Fencing requires a lot work on the field, measuring, sourcing materials and keeping in contact with clients while staying up to date with resource documents. With all this work to be done, some customers are bound to slip through the cracks due to communication errors. JobProgress eliminates the clutter, confusion and loss of clientele that prevents businesses from running effectively. Our app oversees every aspect of the business management world of contractors and their clients. We enable our users to reach higher quotas, break record sales, and take your business to the next level, at JobProgress we get work done!

Key Features

  • Manage sales online and market to potential leads
  • Create a database of customer that saves information in our secure cloud based storage for returning clients, or clients with multiple projects
  • Manage your business from the comfort of your mobile device in office and on the go
  • Manage employees and projects, assign reps and track your sales progress
  • Keep communication open for the clients needs with our email module
  • Create instant proposals and Estimates from templates or customize your own
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“Don’t Get busy managing cleaning Jobs – get busy living and exploring new business opportunities”. Cleaning have such a large number of little and difficult tasks related to it. For any type of cleaning service your company offers, Jobprogress management software is the right choice to manage your jobs. Planned particularly for the field service industry, the product will unite your office and field staff with our web and mobile app. Our application helps cleaning contractors to actualize every phase of the Job to increase productivity of the business, extend your services to clients and arrange every job as per their requirement. Decrease scheduling errors, advise field staff and clients of changes through content or email, get paid faster. Advance office operations. Have all your company information at one place to review company’s performance.Sign up for a free trial to see what Jobprogress has to offer!

Key Features

  • Scheduling and assigning job
  • Mobile access gives your team information anywhere, anytime
  • Use GPS following to minimize travel time.
  • Estimate and proposal management
  • Customer management
  • Taking care of service agreement
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Carpets & Flooring

Installing carpets and flooring takes precession, expert execution and heavy attention to detail. With flooring professionals measurement is key in order to meet the expectations of your clients; that’s why JobProgress has developed the ultimate app in contractor business management to ensure your clients receive the thorough consideration their project needs to be carried out and finished on time and with quality assured. In the field our app records every step of your job, from the inception of your project , taking measurements, rolling out the carpet, trimming, stretching and tacking, to a job well done. Jobprogress gives your employees to incentive to work harder, smarter and avoid costly mistakes.

Key Features

  • Seamless integration of project status with real-time activity updates across company accounts
  • Hassle free scheduling alerts contractors of their appointment times and dates
  • Stay on task by keeping track of customer concerns messaging between company contacts and listing task reminders in My Daily Plan
  • Document your sales and track your earnings
  • Gather follow up feedback from customers to develop healthy relationships and strengthen retention rates
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Masonry maintains the heart and foundation of the construction industry. Laying bricks and concrete can be a tall task when it comes to erecting buildings and retaining walls.That’s why we take the strain out of managing your business for you. At JobProgress we pride ourselves at providing excellent customer services and advantages that pull you years ahead in your field. Get ready to digitize your business into the current era where mobile apps are king and quick turnaround is what makes your company the hero. Through our business management system you can expand your capabilities and locally increase the reach of your work.

Key Features

  • Radically accelerate growth
  • Significantly increase your earnings
  • Customize job stages within our job stage pipeline to suit customer needs and job specifications
  • Create your own estimate and proposal templates
  • Follow up with customers to report any changes to projects in real time
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As a landscape contractor, you are responsible of realising the dreams of your clients, it requires a big deal to finish the job taking care of all points such as garden aesthetics, human enjoyment and safety, ecosystem plant community along with landscape project planning, designing and managing. with so many points to think on we, at Jobprogress offers you the right functions and support you need to manage your business in green industry. Jobprogress target is to provide landscape contractors with tools for excellence and success by reducing effort, saving time and money which helps in browsing new opportunities within the trade.Landscape contractors use various tools and machinery to construct a garden including large equipments and it is an important part to keep a track of company assets, supplies, inventory and materials so that you don’t loose any and Jobprogress helps you do that.

Key Features

  • Get rid of the high cost of paper plans and chances of losing them by digitalizing your business
  • A complete customer relationship management software
  • Grow professionally by managing your sales and marketing strategies.
  • Create Estimates and proposals instantly
  • Build and share resources documents
  • Stay updated with our weather feature
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Electricians Keep us plugged in to the conveniences of modern life. Managing jobs and employees can be a daunting task when working in the construction field. JobProgress enables electricians to keeping track of leads, manage jobs and employees, store blueprints, and send quotes to clients through our business management system. Whether you are wiring buildings and machines or installing electrical components; our app provides you with the means to collaborate with your team, track your sales and promote growth in your business.

Key Features

  • Reduce paperwork and eliminate clutter with our app
  • Keep track of important dates, contacts and documents with our Resource Manager
  • Free up time to increase productivity knock out the need record info by verbal confirmation alone
  • Open communication between contractors with our messenger feature
  • Follow up with customers effortlessly and track their job progress through our customizable job stage pipeline
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As a career you can build a life around, carpentry stands out amongst all trades, as skilled craftsmen working in the construction industry carpenters depend upon labor intensive jobs requiring many hours cutting, joining, and working with wood materials. Whether the job consist of the rough outdoor construction of large structured sites or the delicate process of finishing cabinetry, furniture, or models consisting of great ornate detail. Carpenters wear many hats in the field so at JobProgress we make managing gigs quick and simple for your entire team. Our app was designed to enable carpenters to implement each stage of the job process to accelerate growth, expand your outreach to customers and organize each project according to the specialized task within the field. At Jobprogress we are dedicated to delivering excellent business management tools to aid you in getting the job done effectively and without hassle.

Key Features

  • Unify your team in the field and the office with use of our web and mobile app
  • Manage clients effortlessly by organizing prospective jobs and projects
  • Upload and store resource documents and images related to the project
  • Easily customize your job stages to fit the individual needs of your clients
  • Execute estimates and proposals quickly and paperlessly
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