Carpets & Flooring

Installing carpets and flooring takes precession, expert execution and heavy attention to detail. With flooring professionals measurement is key in order to meet the expectations of your clients; that’s why JobProgress has developed the ultimate app in contractor business management to ensure your clients receive the thorough consideration their project needs to be carried out and finished on time and with quality assured. In the field our app records every step of your job, from the inception of your project , taking measurements, rolling out the carpet, trimming, stretching and tacking, to a job well done. Jobprogress gives your employees to incentive to work harder, smarter and avoid costly mistakes.

Key Features

  • Seamless integration of project status with real-time activity updates across company accounts
  • Hassle free scheduling alerts contractors of their appointment times and dates
  • Stay on task by keeping track of customer concerns messaging between company contacts and listing task reminders in My Daily Plan
  • Document your sales and track your earnings
  • Gather follow up feedback from customers to develop healthy relationships and strengthen retention rates
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