Gathering site location information is crucial to the develop of a fencing project. Fencing requires a lot work on the field, measuring, sourcing materials and keeping in contact with clients while staying up to date with resource documents. With all this work to be done, some customers are bound to slip through the cracks due to communication errors. JobProgress eliminates the clutter, confusion and loss of clientele that prevents businesses from running effectively. Our app oversees every aspect of the business management world of contractors and their clients. We enable our users to reach higher quotas, break record sales, and take your business to the next level, at JobProgress we get work done!

Key Features

  • Manage sales online and market to potential leads
  • Create a database of customer that saves information in our secure cloud based storage for returning clients, or clients with multiple projects
  • Manage your business from the comfort of your mobile device in office and on the go
  • Manage employees and projects, assign reps and track your sales progress
  • Keep communication open for the clients needs with our email module
  • Create instant proposals and Estimates from templates or customize your own
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